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Bryn’s top tips for exploring the great outdoors

16th April 2019

Brynmor - Bryn’s top tips for exploring the great outdoors

Spring into adventure: Bryn’s top tips for exploring the great outdoors

By now we hope that you are well acquainted with our very own explorer Bryn and his dedication to finding adventure in the everyday. This is something that the entire team at Brynmor looks to achieve and with such beautiful surroundings from our home in the Welsh countryside it is easy to become inspired.

As we enter the Spring months, more and more of us will be looking to enjoy the warmer weather and flourishing wildlife, so now is a great time to get exploring, and Bryn is here with his top advice below to help you get started…

Benefits of living adventurously and actively

Living adventurously can have many different meanings for people, whether going for a long run, brisk walk, swim or even climb, there are ways for people of all ages to have their own adventures.

Physical health

Of course, the more active you are the better your health. Physical activity is known to reduce risk to many chronic diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure, it will raise your metabolism, increase bone density and can even help you to sleep better too!

Mental health

The benefits of living actively don’t just stop at your physical health, but it can also have some amazing benefits on your mental health, with research showing that it helps to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and overall improve your mood.

My tips for enjoying the great outdoors

Prepare for the weather

Whilst we may be very lucky here in the UK to have such beautiful countryside to explore, we are not always so lucky with the weather.

But don’t let the weather rain on your adventure, prepare ahead and make sure you have everything you need for the day, be it sun tan lotion for the warmer days or waterproofs for a rainy day.

Adventure together

Whilst many of us, including me (Bryn), may enjoy solitary adventures from time to time, exploring together will boost your motivation and get you moving. Exploring the outdoors will also make for the perfect family and friends’ day out – what can be better than that?

Snack right

Of course, snacking is an essential part of any day, but particularly when you are exploring, it will give your body (especially your legs) and mind the boost it needs to take you through the rest of your adventure.

Our wonderful Brynmor flapjacks have been specially developed to ensure you get the energy you need to keep you exploring with a delicious taste and a variety of health benefits.

Adventure really does starts here, so get snacking with Brynmor the next time you explore the great outdoors. Place your order online today and get 15% off; enter code AprilBlog at checkout.

Enjoy your adventures and don’t forget to share your snaps with us!

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