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Introducing Bryn

4th March 2019

Brynmor - Introducing Bryn

An adventurer at his core, an avid explorer of the great outdoors and all-round flapjack enthusiast, Bryn is the epitome of the Brynmor brand, and is someone we would very much like to introduce you to.

Like many of us, Bryn was on the lookout for a healthier alternative to the classic chocolate bar to keep him fuelled during his day to day adventures, and he found the perfect snack in Brynmor flapjacks. His love of our products as well as his dedication to finding adventure every day, makes Bryn the perfect representation of the Brynmor brand.

A typical day for Bryn

For Bryn, every day presents an opportunity for exploration, which will often see him venturing through the beautiful UK countryside, whether it be a leisurely walk, climbing up a mountain, wading through streams or hiking along hills.

On a typical day Bryn will be up bright and early, eat a nutritious breakfast, pack for the day ahead (and yes, that includes his all-important snacks) and set off on his next exploration.

Bryn is often joined by fellow explorers on his adventures, sharing great company and tasty treats along the way to keep everyone fuelled for the day ahead. With three ranges to choose from and a variety of different flavours, Bryn’s flapjack of choice will vary depending on the activity. For the more strenuous days he’ll ensure he has his trusty protein flapjack to give him that extra boost of energy needed, whilst other, more relaxed days will play host to regular or reduced sugar Brynmor snacks.

Be more Bryn

With so many of us seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle, we are encouraging people to approach life in the same adventure-seeking, great outdoors loving way that our very own Bryn does. So how can you be more Bryn?

Lead an active lifestyle

Keeping active is vital for Bryn, and with so many ways to inject more adventure into your day to day life we believe everyone can lead a more active lifestyle. Everybody will have different methods of keeping active, whether you are an avid gym goer, a keen hiker, enjoy brisk dog walks or family trips to the beach, we encourage you to look for the right adventure to suit your life.

Don’t take life too seriously

So many of us are daunted at the prospect of making our lives more active, when it should be FUN! Don’t take life too seriously, ensure you take part in activities that you enjoy, encourage friends to join you and make great memories on each and every adventure.

Eat the right snacks

No adventure is complete without snacks to keep us going, and therefore we encourage you to eat right with a snack that will give you energy throughout the day but won’t compromise on delicious taste. Brynmor flapjacks are the ideal snack for people looking for an alternative to chocolate that tastes amazing.

Do you want to be more Bryn? Get your snacking right with any number of our delicious Brynmor flapjacks, view our product range here and place your order.

You can keep up to date with Bryn’s adventures on his blog, where he will share articles, competitions and much more.