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Meet Jemima Cooper – middle distance (Ironman 70.3) triathlete & new Brynmor flapjack loving recruit!

4th September 2019

Brynmor - Meet Jemima Cooper – middle distance (Ironman 70.3) triathlete & new Brynmor flapjack loving recruit!

Hi everyone,

I am Jem the newest flapjack loving recruit for Brynmor. I am a middle distance (Ironman 70.3) triathlete racing across the UK and abroad, enjoying the endurance sports game, pushing my physical and mental boundaries to new levels and generally having fun in the sea on two wheels or in my trusty trainers! But this new multi-sport game was not exactly part of the ‘life plan’…

Where it all began…

From the age of 4, I trained in classical ballet-pursuing my dream of becoming a professional dancer at 19 years old. But after a scrambling out of a life-threatening illness things took a change of direction as my whole world turned on its head. I didn’t own a bike, I was petrified of water and I had never run further than 10km… but Ironman racing sparked a flame of excitement in me, and one thing is for certain: I LOVE a BIG challenge!

Three years and lots of ‘blood sweat and tears’ later and here I am, training as a full-time triathlete and working hard to be just a little bit better than yesterday as I chase the big wins against some of the best in the world.

Training for all three disciplines;

There is never a dull moment when you are playing the multi-sport game. It’s always a balance between developing each of the three disciplines (swim bike run) without being detrimental to the other. Play the game right and you have one of the feistiest, fittest and fastest athletes about. Get it wrong and things can go downhill and pretty quickly! I am lucky enough to work with a fab triathlon coach who helps me to manage my training programmes and balance the training intensities of the three sports – pushing me hard to help me progress, but also incorporating sufficient rest for me to recover, recoup and remain totally in love with what I do!

Beside from that my team includes a strength coach (I do 2-3 gym strength sessions a week and 1-2 pilates classes in addition to my key swim/bike/run training sessions) and a fab nutritionist who ensures I keep fuelling my fire! (And yes she LOVES Brynmor flapjacks as much as I do!)

Keeping my energy levels up!

With all this sporty stuff going on- keeping my energy up is a BIG thing. When training at the top levels everything counts- from the kit you wear, to the tyres on your bike, the intervals durations of those hill rep session and most essentially the nutrition that keep the machine (body!) firing on all cylinders and hitting the numbers! Sure, there is fuel that is essential- like the protein post sessions to help recover and the energy gels and drinks that keep those carbs topped up during high intensity work. But aside from all that- there is DEFINITELY a place for foods that are good for your soul. Brynmor has that in one! I have always loved flapjack- right from my days as a toddler steeling the mixing spoon from my mum in the kitchen and licking the bowl clean! (Somethings never change)!

My first bite of a Brynmor flapjack and it took me right back there! I love the fact that there are no nasties, no chemicals or artificial anything. Just wholesome, real food, all-natural deliciousness! I love the different flavours (at least one for every day of the week) and the protein options are also terrific for my snacks in-between sessions. I love them! As a treat during a long ride, as pud, as an energy top up after hard session days or just because! I am never disappointed!

Fun facts about me: 

  • Who is your favourite sportsperson and why?

Michelle Vesterby – an incredible triathlete, mum that has come back to sport in total style! And she never ever stops smiling!

  • What is your favourite food?

Peanut butter!-Total addict… and pizza… and avocado… and ice cream… and yoghurt… Ok I just love food!!!

  • What film makes your cry?

NoteBook (I bet you’ve heard that one before!)

  • What is your fave Brynmor flapjack?

Pecan! First one I tried and it was love at first bite!

If you want to keep up with all my racing and training, do  follow me via the links below:


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