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Meet Jessica – full time A&E practitioner, masters student, champion of the outdoors and now a super Brynmor ambassador!

12th August 2019

Brynmor - Meet Jessica – full time A&E practitioner, masters student, champion of the outdoors and now a super Brynmor ambassador!

Hello to you all…

My name is Jessica. I currently work full time in A&E as a trainee advantaged practitioner whilst also studying a masters degree.

I’m passionate about fitness, the outdoors and especially climbing. I use my hobbies as my therapy, a way to unwind after busy shifts at work and I have a great group of friends who I regularly climb with, both in the U.K. and abroad.

If I can do it anyone can.

I absolutely love getting out into nature and surrounding myself with all it has to offer. Sharing the outdoors with people and regularly arranging hikes, scrambles and days out climbing is something I love. This month (August) I’m completing my mountain leader training so that I can safely take people out into the hills with me. Being outdoors and exercising in nature brings happiness and a release of endorphins, it is something I really believe in. I want to help people suffering with depression and anxiety by sharing the magic that the mountains have to offer, and prove that hill walking really is accessible to most people and you don’t need all the expensive gear to do it.

My training regime…

I train intensively in climbing and am trying to push my grade. I’m a huge fan of HIIT classes and regularly attend meta-fit at my local gym.

On average I climb at least 4 times a week and dedicate one session purely to training and conditioning. This involves hanging from a fingerboard, weighted squats, core strength training, pull ups, push ups and board climbing.

I’m not regimented with my training as I firmly believe that hobbies should be fun. I play climbing games indoors and make up my own problems on the plastic holds, but if the weather is nice I take myself outside and just enjoy it.

The choice of flavours in the Brynmor flapjacks range is amazing!!! Almond & apricot, dark chocolate & ginger, pistachio, cashew & coconut!!! Yum!!! They taste good and are healthier than most other snacks. They’re perfect for putting in your back pack and eating on the go half way up a mountain or on a walk.

Brynmor protein ones are great for post training sessions, and if you’re worried about sugar the reduced sugar range are still just as tasty.

Fun facts about me…

  • My favourite sports person and why?

Janja Garnbret. She’s a Slovenian rock climber as is probably the best female competitive climber out there at the moment. She’s so inspiring to watch.

  • What is your favourite food?

Anything super spicy and hot. Love fresh chillies in salads, and I’m partial to an extra hot piri piri chicken.  But I never say no to good old fish, chips and mushy peas.

  • What film makes you cry?

Lots of films make me cry. I’ve even cried at toy story.

But the one that sticks with me the most has to be American history X. Such a powerful film about how awful racism can be and the perils of gang crime in America.

  • Which is your fave Brynmor flapjack?

Hhmmm, hard choice but I’d have to say apricot and almond. I just love almond.

  • What’s more…

I am an everyday person and not an athlete. I’m an enthusiastic and passionate hobbyist and I genuinely believe if I can do it anyone can. I regularly get messages on my Instagram account asking how I got into climbing, how to find people to climb outdoors with, and where to begin. Hobbies like that can seem so inaccessible and I’m no expert but we all start somewhere. I’ve welcomed new people into my circle of friends and introduced loads of new climbers into safely bouldering outdoors and respecting the rock we climb on.

I like to think I’m friendly and approachable. I’ve never thought of myself as an inspiration or influencer. I’m just sharing my passion and my hobbies with anyone who may be interested in doing the same. 🙂


Thanks, Jessica ????


You can follow Jessica on her adventures here: