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Meet Lisa Wells, our fun loving Brynmor ambassador from beautiful North Wales!

1st August 2019

Brynmor - Meet Lisa Wells, our fun loving Brynmor ambassador from beautiful North Wales!

Hi everyone,

I’m Lisa and my dogs; The Beast and Billy live our lives outdoors as much as we can.

We live on the coast of North Wales and have the Snowdonia National Park as our playground. We are incredibly lucky to be able to combine our love of the outdoors with coastal walks and mountain hikes. We also love wild camping, there’s no nicer feeling than being hugged by two balls of fluff in a sleeping bag on a mountain summit.

I’ve completed my training to be a Mountain Leader and have my assessment very soon.

I share my love of North Wales through stories and photographs on social media, hoping to inspire more people to explore the outdoors … the photographs don’t do it justice though so you should definitely come for a visit to experience the area for yourself.

My sport of choice would have to be hiking, especially mountain walking. I’ve been walking from a very young age but found the mountains offered a button to switch off from everyday life and the demands it makes on us.

Having walked the Hadrian’s Wall long distance path with my brother a few years ago realise how much I loved the freedom. I didn’t wear a watch all week; I slept when I got tired and ate when I was hungry. It was an awesome week; we got lost a few times, laughed and cried, and made memories that we still talk about today.

I’m planning to walk the Snowdonia Slate Trail in September with the dogs; we’ll be carrying everything we need on our backs and wild camping along the 83-mile route.

My training…

Quite regularly I am asked for advice on routes, wild camping and kit and I love to help. If I’ve made a trip more enjoyable for someone then that puts a huge smile on my face.

I don’t really have a training regime, with having two dogs I walk a lot of miles every day. I’m always telling people to slow down on their adventures, enjoy the views, look behind you, have lots of flapjack breaks and take hundreds of photos … there are no records to break getting to the summit or the end of your route, the days about topping up your memory box.

The Brynmor flapjack range is awesome, I’ll never get bored of eating the same flavour every time I’m out they have so much choice. They’re also a great size to stash in the little side pockets of my rucksack so that I can nibble on the go.

For years I didn’t really think about fuelling my body to keep me going all day, I’d stock up on chocolate bars and wonder why my energy levels would be so erratic. Brynmor flapjacks tick all my boxes; they’re lower in fat, have a protein range, contain no artificial preservatives and release energy slowly meaning I’m fuller for longer. The texture is perfect too; they’re not sticky or stodgy but they’re not to dry either, big thumbs up to the bakers for nailing this one.

If you have a dog you’ll know the ‘look of guilt’ that our dogs give us when we’re eating! The dogs have both given their paws of approval for the flapjacks too

Fun facts about me… 

  • Who is your favourite sportsperson and why?

Can I admit to not having one?! I think anyone pushing themselves in a sport they love should be admired. I imagine there’re hundreds of sportsmen and women who through their passion have inspired a lot people to try something new and step out of their comfort zone.

  • What is your favourite food?

Salad! Given the choice I think I could live on salads, but the family get a bit fed up of eating what they call rabbit food every night. I’m a bit of dustbin though and will eat anything that’s put on a plate in front of me … p.s. I hate cooking

  • What film makes your cry?

I cry at a lot of films, but the one that stands out is Marley and Me. I took the children to the cinema to watch it; we balled our eyes out all the way through and we had to go for ice cream afterwards to cheer ourselves up

  • What is your fave Brynmor flapjack?

Salted caramel is my favourite so far but I still have a few more flavours to try

On a separate note…

I love smiling! I smile at random people every day in the hope I’ll get a smile back (I usually do ????), I’m a huge Neil Diamond fan and I’m terrified of fish!

I also love helping people and offering support and advice to anyone wanting to venture out on a mountain walk or wild camp … one month I spent more time in my tent on a mountain than I did at home in my bed!

Thanks for reading; drop me a message if ever you’re over my way and fancy some company on a walk … I’ll even bring a few Brynmor flapjacks to share

Thanks, Lisa


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