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Meet Vicci Mousley ultra runner & Brynmor ambassador!

17th September 2019

Brynmor - Meet Vicci Mousley ultra runner & Brynmor ambassador!

Hi everyone,

I am Victoria Mousley and I live in lovely Lancashire.

My main sport is running, and love nothing more than a day out on the trails and fells running long distances. I have had success at ultra-distance, fell running, road running, and trail running over the years and I love competing in the huge variety of races we have in the UK.

Every day I run, fitting it in wherever possible with a career as a secondary school teacher and an active 5 year old to look after. Sometimes training is a treadmill run in the late evening or a quick run at lunchtime to ensure I can get the miles in.

I also enjoy cycling- road and mountain biking and have just completed a 974 miles bike ride from Lizard Point in Cornwall to Dunnet Head in the North of Scotland and this was fuelled mainly on Brynmor flapjacks!

I was lucky enough to be introduced to these amazing flapjacks through my running and have coveted them ever since. Athletes need flapjacks! In my world it is that simple. Running, biking, hiking, you can’t beat flapjacks as fuel. They are filling, full of energy that is long lasting and they keep you going.

  • What is your fave Brynmor flapjack

My two favourite flavours are Cashew and Coconut and the Dark Chocolate and Ginger (although not quite as good for sunny days – living in Lancashire it isn’t too much of an issue!)

  • What is your favourite food?

I am a sugar addict and I love sweets and chocolate-if I ever stop running I will definitely have to lower my sweet intake. On the savoury side it is always a Spag Bol or a lasagne that I choose.

  • Who is your favourite sportsperson and why?

My favourite sportsperson would have to be Emelie Forsberg the Swedish Mountain and Sky runner. First and foremost she is a phenomenal athlete with a never ending stream of victories but the best thing about her is she never stops smiling. She clearly loves what she does and she smiles her way through incredibly difficult endurance events. In the sport of mountain and trail running the elites mix with everyone else and happily chat along and support one another which is how sport should be.

  • What film makes your cry?

Any films with animals in near tragic circumstances make me cry, I can’t help it. Lost dogs get me every time. As an English teacher, I have to say the 1994 Baz Lurhman ‘Romeo and Juliet’ makes me blub without fail. I think it’s just Leo dying actually….no Leo don’t do it! ????????

If you want to keep up with all my racing and training, do follow me via the links below:

Facebook – Victoria Mousley

Twitter – @Viccimo

Instagram – @viccimo

Thanks all,
Vicci ????